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Combination Therapy

Dry Cow Therapy cures existing infections
and prevents new infections in the dry period
and around calving.

Combination therapy

The use of combination therapy, instilling both an appropriate antibiotic, with Teatseal, provides both cure and protection to cows that are infected at drying off. The popularity of this approach is due to the greatly increased chances of calving a low somatic cell count, uninfected cow.

It has been shown in multiple studies in New Zealand and overseas that adding Teatseal to an antibiotic treatment where needed, can significantly improve mastitis outcomes. For example, an Australian study demonstrated that combination therapy decreases in clinical mastitis in the first three weeks of lactation by 70%, compared with antibiotic treatment alone.

Quarter Infection Rate

If your vet chooses to use a cephalonium dry cow antibiotic, research shows dramatic reductions in mastitis if you also add Teatseal.


Always use antibiotics responsibly and as directed by your veterinarian.


Teatseal is a non-antibiotic inert substance that forms a plug in the teat canal, preventing mastitis throughout the entire dry period and at calving. Available only from your vet.


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