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Terramycin Pinkeye Powder

Terramycin Powder is a broad spectrum antibiotic for topical or ophthalmic application.

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  • Terramycin Powder is indicated for use as a surgical dressing and as a topical application for the treatment of superficial wounds in all animals and ophthalmic conditions (pink eye) in sheep and cattle.

    Oxytetracycline acts within the bacterial ribosomes, inhibiting protein synthesis by binding specifically to the 30S ribosomes, thus preventing the addition of amino acids to peptide chains. In vitro, oxytetracycline is bacteriostatic. At high concentrations it is bactericidal.

  • Low Toxicity – Terramycin is virtually non-toxic in all species of domestic animals and chronic toxicity tests have failed to produce any significant toxic effect in laboratory animals.

    Nil withhold – Terramycin Powder has a nil milk and meat withhold period.

  • Terramycin Powder contains 20mg/g (2% w/w) oxytetracycline HCl in a non-irritant carrier. It is available in a puffer pack of 50g. Store below 30°C.

  • Apply directly to affected parts. Repeat 2–3 times daily where possible.

    Withholding Periods: Meat/Milk: Nil.

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