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Gudair Vaccine

Gudair® Vaccine

Gudair Vaccine is a killed vaccine for stimulation of the immune system for control of Johne's Disease (paratuberculosis) in sheep and goats.

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  • Gudair Vaccine is indicated for the control of Johne's Disease in sheep, and as an aid in the control of Johne’s Disease in goats.

    It is a legal requirement that this product is used only in sheep and goats. Do not use in other species.

  • Convenient – A single vaccination is all that is required for the lifetime of the animal. No boosters or annual revaccination is required.

    Dual action – Gudair Vaccine has been extensively trialled and proven to reduce Johne’s deaths by at least 90% in field trials1,2. Gudair Vaccine reduces the shedding of Johne’s bacteria in the faeces of infected animals by at least 90%1,2, thereby reducing disease transmission and new infections.

    Cost effective – Field experience in NZ and Australia shows that Johne’s losses become insignificant in vaccinated stock. A positive return on investment is expected in flocks experiencing 1% losses or greater.

    Well tolerated – Gudair Vaccine can be used in sheep from one month of age.

    Nil withhold – Gudair Vaccine has the added advantage of a nil milk and meat withhold period.

  • Gudair Vaccine is an inactivated vaccine containing a suspension of the micro-organism, Mycobacterium paratuberculosis, strain 316F, inactivated by heat and adjuvanted with mineral oil in a multiple emulsion. It contains 2.5mg of dried micro-organism per mL. Thiomersal is used as a preservative.

    Gudair Vaccine is presented in 100mL and 250mL pillow packs.

  • Shake well before use and keep thoroughly mixed during use. Inject subcutaneously into the anterior half of the neck. The dose for sheep and goats over 1 month of age is 1mL.

    Correct vaccination procedure is important. Avoid accidental self-injection. For enhanced operator safety, it is recommended that the Zoetis Secure 1mL automatic vaccinator is used with this product.


    Meat: Nil        Milk: Nil

    Store at 2–8°C. Refrigerate, do not freeze. Protect from light. This product can be stored and used for up to 30 days after first opening.

  • Animals treated with this vaccine are likely to give positive results when tested for tuberculosis or Johne's Disease. After vaccination a firm swelling develops at the site of injection. Therefore, as a result of the vaccination, it is normal for a nodule to appear after 7–15 days and it may become greater than 5cm in diameter. When this vaccine is injected into infected animals, a more intense local reaction (secondary immune response) should be expected. In some animals the swelling may develop into an abscess and burst. This may attract flies and vaccinated animals should be checked regularly for flystrike and be treated where necessary. Vaccinated animals, if sent for slaughter, may be subject to downgrading due to vaccination site reaction in the regional lymph nodes. Attention to good vaccination technique will minimise the risk of this occurring.

  • Zoetis Animal Health New Zealand Limited. Level 5, 8 Mahuhu Crescent, Auckland 1010, New Zealand. Tel: 0800 650 277, Fax: 0800 628 629. Gudair Vaccine is a registered trade mark of CZ Veterinaria S.L. ACVM Registration No. A7996. RVM; Available only under Veterinary Authorisation.


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    2. Reddacliff et al 2006. Efficacy of a killed vaccine for the control of paratuberculosis in Australian sheep flocks. Veterinary Microbiology 115 (2006) 77-90.
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