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Eazi-Breed CIDR Sheep & Goat Insert

A progesterone intravaginal insert for controlled breeding in sheep and goats. Each insert contains 0.3g progesterone in an inert silicone elastomer.

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  • Control of the oestrus cycle in does and ewes to enable concentrated artificial insemination (AI) or mating for a concentrated kidding/lambing pattern, embryo collection, transfer programmes and advanced or out of season breeding.

  • Progesterone suppresses oestrus and ovulation in cycling animals and primes the hypothalamo-pituitary axis in non-cycling (anoestrus) animals. Removal of the insert and the subsequent fall in progesterone level allows a surge in LH pulse frequency, follicle maturation and a predictable oestrus and ovulation to occur.

  • Each pack contains 20 inserts.

    Store at room temperature, out of reach of children.

  • GOATS: Insert the device for 17–19 days. For tighter synchrony and increased multiple births, eCG (PMSG) may be administered at the time of device removal.

    SHEEP: During the breeding season, insert the device for 12–14 days. Outside the breeding season, the device can be inserted for 7–12 days with eCG (PMSG) administered at the time of device removal. Laparoscopic AI at 40–48 hours after device removal in does and 50–54 hours in ewes. Cervical AI to detected oestrus. Buck/ram ration of at least 1:10 for natural mating. For administration directions refer to label.

  • Wear rubber gloves when handling the inserts.

    Not suitable for use in animals with abnormal vaginas. Animals in poor condition resulting from illness or nutritional stress may not respond.

    Withholding Times: Nil. Devices should always be removed before slaughter.

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