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Cylap RCD Vaccine

Inactivated purified vaccine against rabbit calicivirus disease (RCD) with oil adjuvant.

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  • For the prevention of rabbit calicivirus disease (RCD).

    Rabbit calicivirus is present in the saliva, nasal secretions and excreta of infected rabbits. It is spread by either direct contact with infected rabbits, or indirectly in green feed, on clothing or other objects, or by carrier birds and other animals. Studies have shown that this virus can survive in the environment for variable times at different temperatures. Insect vectors are also thought to spread the RCD virus.

    Vaccination against RCD can prevent pets, show rabbits and breeding rabbits from becoming infected with the disease and spreading it to others.

    To prevent exposure to the virus and other diseases such as myxomatosis, husbandry and management should include the following precautionary practices:

    • avoid direct and indirect contact with wild rabbits, including sources or supplies of green feed that could be contaminated
    • house rabbits in insect proof facilities
    • quarantine any newly introduced rabbits for at least 7 days away from other rabbits to ensure they show no signs of illness
    • avoid contact with other people's rabbits, e.g. from possible contaminated hutches, equipment, feed and transport
    • maintain hygiene and a disinfection program using suitable disinfectants
    • ask you veterinarian's advice immediately if your rabbit seems unwell
    • protect your rabbit by vaccination. Your veterinarian will be able to advise on this.
    • Inactivated vaccine
    • Field strain of virus with high immunogenic potency
    • Highly purified to avoid hypersensitivity reactions and obtain greater antigenic concentration
    • Only one dose required for initial vaccination
    • 12 months duration of immunity - annual booster required
    • Safe to use in pregnant does and mating bucks
  • Each vial contains 10 mL (10 doses).

    One dose of vaccine contains a minimum of 2560 HAU of inactivated and purified rabbit calicivirus, with oily excipient. Contains thiomersal ≤ 0.1 g/L.

  • Dosage:

    1 mL per animal, in all cases.


    Subcutaneous injection. Shake the vial well before administration. Unused vaccine must be discarded within 10 hours of opening.

    Vaccination Program:

    Rabbits should be vaccinated at 2.5 – 3 months. If animals are vaccinated before the age of 2.5 months, they should be revaccinated at 3 to 4 weekly intervals until they are 3 months old.

    Healthy animals over 3 months of age in normal conditions may have lifelong protection against rabbit calicivirus disease (RCD) following a single dose of vaccine. However, to ensure maintenance of immunity, an annual booster dose is recommended.

  • Precautions during Administration:

    • Pregnant does should be handled with extreme care.
    • Unused vaccine must be discarded within 10 hours of opening.
    • Avoid accidental self-injection. If this occurs, seek medical advice.


    No vaccine is completely effective under all circumstances since immunological incompetence, disease in incubation, parasitic and nutritional disorders and poor management practices may reduce effectiveness.

    On rare occasions adverse reactions may be observed. Hair loss and pruritis at the site of injection may occur for up to 3 weeks post vaccination. Anorexia and prostration have also been reported.


    The vaccine should be stored between 4°C and 7°C (Refrigerate. Do not freeze). Protect from light.

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