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Cerenia Injectable Solution

Cerenia is an injectable solution for the treatment of emesis in dogs.

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  • Cerenia is indicated for the treatment and prevention of emesis in dogs.

    Cerenia (maropitant) is a potent and selective neurokinin (NK1) receptor antagonist that blocks the pharmacological action of substance P, a neuropeptide of the tachykinin family, in the central nervous system (CNS). Substance P is found in significant concentrations in the nuclei comprising the emetic centre and is considered the key neurotransmitter involved in emesis. By inhibiting the binding of substance P within the emetic centre, maropitant is effective against both central and peripheral causes of emesis. In vivo model studies in dogs have shown that maropitant is an effective anti-emetic against both central and peripheral emetogens, including apomorphine, cisplatin, and syrup of ipecac.

    • Cerenia is the first and only antiemetic licensed specifically for dogs.
    • Cerenia is effective and reliable for a broad spectrum of causes of vomiting, by acting to block both central and peripheral stimuli
    • Cerenia shows superior broad spectrum efficacy when compared to currently used antiemetics1,2.
    • Cerenia is given once-daily, has a rapid onset of activity (1 hour) and has an extended duration of activity of at least 24 hours.
    • Cerenia has demonstrated an excellent safety profile and is compatible with a variety of drugs3,4,5.
  • Cerenia Injectable Solution is a clear, colourless to light yellow sterile solution containing 10mg maropitant/mL, as maropitant citrate monohydrate.

    Cerenia is presented in ready to use 20 mL glass vials.

  • The product should be injected subcutaneously, once daily at a dose of 1 mg/kg bodyweight (equal to 1 mL/10 kg bodyweight). Treatment may be repeated on up to five consecutive days.

    Dog body weight (kg)

    Dose Volume (mL)



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    4.1 – 5.0


    5.1 – 7.5


    7.6 – 10.0


    10.1 – 15.0


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    20.1 – 30.0


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    50.1 – 60.0



    To prevent emesis, the product should be administered more than 1 hour before its activity is required. The duration of effect is approximately 24 hours and, therefore, treatment can be given the night before administration of an agent that may cause vomiting eg. chemotherapeutics.

    Use within 90 days following withdrawal of the first dose. Store below 30°C (room temperature).

  • This product should not be used concomitantly with calcium-channel antagonists, given that maropitant has an affinity for calcium ion-channels. Maropitant is a weak Ca2+ - channel blocker (IC50for calcium channels 110nM), but therapeutic levels are considerably lower than those needed for blocking the Ca ion-channel. Maropitant is highly protein-bound in plasma and it is unlikely that free plasma drug concentrations will reach levels where it will act as a Ca-channel antagonist. However, this interaction may be of concern when using maropitant concurrently with vincristine, therefore drug compatibility should be monitored in dogs receiving adjunctive therapy.

    The product was well tolerated in dogs injected daily with up to 5mg/kg (5 times the use dose) for 15 consecutive days (3-times the recommended duration of administration).

    As vomiting can be associated with serious, severely debilitating conditions, the underlying cause should be fully investigated. Products such as this one should be used in conjunction with diagnostic or other supportive measures, as considered appropriate by the veterinarian. Maropitant is metabolised in the liver and therefore should be used with caution in dogs with liver disease.The safety of this product has not been established in dogs less than 16 weeks of age, pregnant or lactating bitches, dogs with gastro-intestinal obstruction, or dogs that have ingested toxins. The supervising veterinarian should make a risk-benefit assessment before using this product in dogs under 16 weeks of age or in pregnant or lactating bitches. This product should be used with caution in animals suffering from, or with a predisposition to, heart disease. The product must not be mixed in the same syringe with other veterinary medicinal products.Maropitant is highly bound to plasma proteins (99.5%) and may compete with other highly-bound drugs.

  • Zoetis Animal Health. A division of Zoetis New Zealand Ltd. Level 5, 8 Mahuhu Crescent, Auckland 1010, New Zealand. Tel: 0800 650 277 Fax: 0800 628 629. Cerenia is a registered trade mark of Zoetis Products Inc. Registered pursuant to the ACVM Act 1997 No A9845. Prescription Animal Remedy (P.A.R) Class I. For use only under the authority or prescription of a veterinarian. Active ingredient: Maropitant citrate.


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