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Canvac CCi Vaccine

Canvac CCi vaccine is used for the immunisation of dogs as an aid in the prevention of Bordetella bronchisepticainfection, a contributing factor to the canine cough syndrome. It is adjuvanted with an immunostimulating complex to enhance the response to vaccination and to increase the duration of immunity.

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  • Canvac CCi is an inactivated vaccine prepared from a cell-free extract of Bordetella bronchiseptica. Canvac CCi vaccine is used for the immunisation of dogs against colonisation of the upper and lower respiratory tract, nose and throat by B. bronchiseptica. For optimal effect on the incidence and transmission of infectious tracheobronchitis (canine cough) vaccination with a multicomponent vaccine containing canine distemper virus, canine parainfluenza virus and canine adenovirus type 2 is recommended.

    • The immunostimulating complex, the adjuvant in Canvac CCi, is advanced technology and induces a superior and more complete immune response compared to the aluminium hydroxide adjuvants used in other injectable BB vaccines1. Canvac CCi is the only vaccine in the companion animal market to contain this advanced adjuvant technology.
    • Injectable (parenteral)Bordetella bronchiseptica vaccines, such as Canvac CCi, provide a more rapid, effective, specific and longer-lived immune response than intranasal formulations2.
    • As Canvac CCi is an inactivated vaccine, untoward systemic effects are uncommon and the vaccine may be used in pregnant bitches.
  • Canvac CCi is available in packs of 20 x 1mL vials.

  • Shake gently before use. Administer 1mL dose subcutaneously. Hand warming the vaccine just prior to administration, ensuring subcutaneous administration and gentle massaging of the vaccination site, post vaccination, are recommended to help minimise any local site reactions.

    Puppies & Dogs: For primary immunisation, puppies and dogs should be given 2 doses of vaccine with an interval of 4 weeks between doses. The epidemiology of each disease, the persistence of maternal antibody and the dog’s history must all be considered when deciding on a vaccination programme for a particular animal.

    Revaccination: Annual booster vaccinations are recommended to maintain adequate immunity. A booster is also recommended prior to a known (or potential) exposure to infectious tracheobronchitis (eg. dog shows, boarding kennels or obedience classes), especially if more than 6 months have elapsed since the last dose of vaccine was administered.

    Store between 2 and 8°C (refrigerate; do not freeze). Protect from light.

  • Do not use as a diluent for Vanguard® or Vanguard Plus 5. Do not mix in the same syringe with Leptoguard®.

    Premedication with an antihistamine or corticosteroid is indicated in animals that have had a previous hypersensitivity reaction to vaccination. A small fibrous nodule may develop at the site of vaccination in some dogs. This nodule will regress within 2–6 weeks. A Type I hypersensitivity reaction, mainly characterised by urticaria and facial oedema is possible, particularly in animals receiving a second injection of Canvac CCi vaccine 4 – 8 weeks after the first injection.

    Occasionally, vaccinated dogs may show a non-specific systemic (pyrexia, anorexia and lethargy) or local reaction (pain on administration, swelling and discomfort at the injection site). These reactions are transient and of the type that may be expected with a killed bacterin vaccine. Symptomatic and supportive therapy can be provided, as required and, in some cases, a single injection of a registered non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug may facilitate a more rapid recovery.

    This product should not be used in dogs when they are incubating an infectious disease, seriously debilitated by another infectious disease, parasitic infestation or malnutrition; or under treatment with immunosuppressive drugs.

  • Zoetis Animal Health New Zealand Limited. Level 5, 8 Mahuhu Crescent, Auckland 1010, New Zealand. Tel: 0800 650 277, Fax: 0800 628 629. CANVAC is a registered trade mark of Zoetis Inc. or its subsidiaries. ACVM Registration No. A9667. RVM; Available only under Veterinary Authorisation.


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