New Zealand

Dairy Cattle

Amid the stress and uncertainty of running a dairy operation, there's one thing you can count on: the reliability, safety and efficacy of Zoetis products. Another is the quality of people. programs and services that Zoetis consistently offers the dairy industry.

For dairy producers, Zoetis offers complete line of products - vaccines, parasite-control products antibiotics and reproduction programs. More than 20 products for dairy and cattle allow you to customise a health program to the specific needs of your operation.

Zoetis is synonymous with producer education, especially in the critical area of disease management. Zoetis territory managers also work with veterinarians and retailers to bring producers the latest information about animal health issues.

Zoetis has also long supported quality assurance efforts within the dairy industry, investing in educational materials aimed at both dairy and beef producers.

Our people also set us apart from other companies. The Zoetis sales force and Technical Services veterinarians bring value to our customers daily, taking a problem-solving approach. They provide information to help producers and veterinarians make informed decisions that contribute to the health of the herd and a profitable operation.

Through our solution-orientated approach to your business, we make our products better every year to help you grow a successful business.