New Zealand

Better for your flock, and the planet.

At Zoetis we take pride in championing a healthier, more sustainable future to support healthy animals, healthy people, and a healthy planet.

Products have an impact on the environment at each stage of their lifecycle – from manufacturing, to freight, to end of life disposal. Understanding these impacts is crucial to achieving a more sustainable future.

Recently Zoetis has introduced new options for you to dispose of selected products sustainably, avoiding waste ending up landfill. This includes a number of Zoetis livestock vaccine packs.

The following vaccine packs can now be recycled at participating vet clinics.


How to Recycle:

1.Empty and return

  • Return your empty Zoetis livestock vaccine packs to your vet clinic.
  • Stoppers and any string on the vaccine packs will need to be safely removed.
  • Ask clinic staff for a receipt to use as part of your farm environmental plan.

2. Collection

  • Empty plastic packaging will be collected by Plasback, an accredited product stewardship scheme provider.

3. Recycle

  • Plastic packaging will be recycled into new FuturePost fenceposts.


Recycling your used Drench Containers

Most Zoetis drenches can also be recycled by Agrecovery.
Look for the agrecovery logo on our packaging of Startect drenches and Cydectin products.

Bottles and drums should be triple rinsed to remove residue and dirt inside and out. See agrecovery for full details and to find your local drop off point.