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Ultravac Testimony

James Gunson - Tautane Station

Covering 3500ha and running 30,000 stock units, Tautane Station located between Dannevirke and the coast is one of the North Island’s larger stations, one that James Gunson and his family have leased off local iwi for the past three years. 

When it comes to managing clostridial diseases in the station’s sheep and cattle, James has been using Ultravac® 5in1 vaccine for the past few seasons, and it forms a regular, trusted part of his animal health plan for both sheep and cattle.

The numbers being vaccinated are by no means small. Every year they will vaccinate 5500 hoggets, 17,000 ewes and 800 weaner cattle with Ultravac 5 in 1, with the aim to control mainly black leg in the cattle and pulpy kidney in the sheep.

“A few years ago, we saw a bit of pulpy kidney, but now we vaccinate regularly it is no problem for us. Ultravac 5 in 1 is the lower cost option of all the Ultravac choices, but we have found it works very well for us, easily administered, and no problems with pain or swelling.”

The ability to use the same vaccination across all stock classes keeps things simple.

“We will usually vaccinate the ewes pre-lamb, giving us certainty, they are covered, and the lambs have cover for the first six weeks or so of their life.”

The cattle will receive two shots, an initial one and a booster ensuring any risk they get blackleg from intensive grazing over winter is minimised.

Given the high numbers vaccinated at Tautane, James sees thousands of vaccinated animals around the property during the year and the fact he has not had any issues with clostridial diseases since using Ultravac is all the reassurance he has needed that it is working.

“Given the value of lambs today, you really only need to prevent pulpy kidney in a few, and it has paid for itself. The pre-lamb cover in particular is a big one for us, we get peace of mind knowing they are covered.”

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