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Quarentine Drenching

A great deal of time, money and genetics has gone into developing your breeding flock. The realisation of that investment comes in the form of the number and weight of the lambs that you sell. Your ability to grow lambs quickly is an important part of this equation. Gastrointestinal parasites are one of the main factors that will impair lamb growth. Having effective drenches that will keep your lambs growing is essential to your flock performance and hence your investment.

Whether you are building up your flock by buying in replacements or simply buying in store lambs for trading – don’t put your investment at risk by buying in drench resistance; ensure you Quarantine drench all stock on arrival.

Due to the widespread occurrence of triple drench resistance, triple combination drenches are no longer effective quarantine drenches. Startect®, because it contains the novel active Derquantel, is a more prudent choice as the chance of resistance to this new active and product is low.

Animals that have received a quarantine drench on arrival should, if possible, be kept off pasture for 24 hours before being put onto contaminated paddocks. A drench check after 10 days is also recommended before moving the stock onto the rest of the farm.

Quarantine drenching is a simple biosecurity measure designed to protect your flock and hence your business investment from the most likely way that you can get drench resistance. Every time you purchase in stock and don’t drench them, you put your investment at risk. Don’t take that gamble, quarantine drench on arrival.

Posted by Dr Clive Bingham, BVSc. B. Phil. Veterinary Technical Adviser, Livestock.

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