New Zealand

Disease & Conditions

The health of companion, production and performing animals is constantly challenged by a wide range of diseases and conditions that compromise both welfare and productivity. These may be microbiological in origin (e.g. viruses, bacteria and fungi), parasitic (e.g. worm, insect and protozoal infestations and infections) or related to the development of pathological conditions as a result of genetics, advancing age or environment.

An understanding of the disease process, causative organism (if applicable), and factors relating to the development of the disease or condition enables not only the implementation of effective treatments but perhaps more importantly, identifies opportunities to prevent or delay the onset of disease. It also enables the more effective utilisation of preventative approaches such as the utilisation of drenches / dewormers and vaccines.

The information in this section provides information on the more commonly encountered conditions impacting the wellness and productivity of New Zealand domestic animals, which, used in conjunction with Zoetis’ extensive

portfolio of therapeutic and preventative portfolio of products, will assist in the achievement of the ultimate goal of maintaining the wellness of the animals that we keep.

Beef Cattle

Vaccines, parasite-control products and antibiotics for beef cattle.


Antibiotics, parasite control and disease prevention for cats.


An array Health management programs for horses.

Dairy Cattle

Vaccines, parasite-control products antibiotics and reproduction programs for dairy cattle.


Antibiotics, parasite control, pain management and disease prevention for dogs.


Vaccines, parasite-control products and antibiotics for sheep.

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