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Preventing Mastitis

Teatseal is a non-antibiotic teat sealant for the prevention of mastitis in the dry period and around calving. 

Preventing mastitis

A Dry Cow Therapy programme is the cornerstone of mastitis control. Dry Cow Therapy helps to cure existing infections and prevent new infections in the dry period and around calving.

One form of Dry Cow Therapy is Teatseal, a non-antibiotic, inert substance that forms a physical barrier immediately on insertion, blocking the entry of bacteria into the udder throughout the dry period and at calving. By using Teatseal you should see your cows and heifers coming into the shed with significantly fewer cases of clinical mastitis. Mastitis causes milk loss, loss of cows, loss of income and eats into your time. 

Cows that are at low risk of mastitis will have had three or more herd tests with individual somatic cell counts (SCC) less than 150,000 cell/mL. They will also display no clinical signs of mastitis. Check with your veterinarian to see if using Teatseal alone is right for your herd.

Teatseal is the only sealant that is proven to last for at least 20 weeks

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Did you know Teatseal can reduce mastitis at calving by up to 70%?

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