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Combination Therapy

Dry Cow Therapy cures existing infections
and prevents new infections in the dry period
and around calving.

Combination therapy

In New Zealand large numbers of cows have a dry period that is longer than the duration of action of dry cow antibiotics - even long acting ones. Adding Teatseal to your dry cow programme provides protection against new infections right up to calving, and is proven to reduce mastitis by 30%-50% right into mid lactation.


Combination therapy with Orbenin Enduro and Teatseal gives your herd the best of both:

Superior Staph. aureus cure rates.

Protection from new infections that lasts the whole dry period.

A recent Australian study showed that adding Teatseal to Orbenin Enduro treatment resulted in a 70% decrease in mastitis in the first 3 weeks of lactation, compared to using Orbenin Enduro alone. Even after 100 days in milk, mastitis cases were nearly halved when Teatseal was added to Orbenin Enduro therapy.

This study also showed that Orbenin Enduro + Teatseal reduced post-calving SCC by an average of 100,000 cells/ml, compared to Enduro alone


If your vet chooses to use a cephalonium dry cow antibiotic, research shows dramatic reductions in mastitis if you also add Teatseal.


Always use antibiotics responsibly and as directed by your veterinarian.

Farmer Testimonial

With a herd of over 1000, Dale from Southland shares his success with Teatseal.

Orbenin Enduro is a long acting dry cow therapy with high Staph. aureus cure rates. Available only from your vet.


Teatseal is a non-antibiotic inert substance that forms a plug in the teat canal, preventing mastitis throughout the entire dry period and at calving. Available only from your vet.

Orbenin Dry Cow is a cloxacillin dry cow therapy providing 3 weeks antibiotic effect. Available only from your vet.



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