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Calving Mastitis

Calving time can create a peak of mastitis as cows come into the shed.

Calving Mastitis

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Calving time can create a peak of mastitis as cows come into the shed. It is primarily caused by environmental bacteria picked up during the dry period or when calving down - particularly in wet, muddy conditions.

These bacteria are often very responsive to short treatments, and a short milk withholding allows the cows back into the milking mob as soon as possible.

To help prevent mastitis and control somatic cell count in the early spring period, ensure that heifers and cows are milked as soon as possible after calving, and make sure your hygiene in the shed is up to scratch. It’s also good practice to check all cows with an RMT paddle when they are due to leave the colostrum mob. Treat any infected quarters and observe the milk withholding before cows enter the milking mob.

Clavulox® L.C. cures 86% of Strep. uberis infections:

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Clavulox LC is a short treatment regime with short milk withhold that is ideal for environmental mastitis around calving.

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Teatseal is proven to dramatically reduce the incidence of calving mastitis in heifers and cows. Teatseal forms a plug in the teat canal that prevents new infections during the dry period.

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