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Protect against Leptospirosis

In the absence of vaccines for humans, the control of human leptospirosis predominately relies on vaccination of livestock. Zoetis has a range of vaccines available that can administered by your vet from 4 weeks of age.

Protect against Leptospirosis

Zoetis vaccines are clinically proven to protect against leptospirosis and prevent:

  • Renal colonisation and urinary shedding
  • Reproduction tract colonisation and shedding
  • Infertility and foetal infection with L. hardjo

Traditionally calves have been vaccinated at 6 months of age however, research shows that calves can be exposed and infected naturally before 6 months. Vaccination programs rely on passive immunity to protect calves until vaccinated. However recent studies suggest that 80% of calves have no MDA by 7 weeks.

“About one half of New Zealand dairy calves may not receive colostrum from their dams even when they are together for up to 24 hours.” Wesselink et al., NZVJ, 1999

“MDA may not be protective against maintenance host infections, e.g. Hardjo in calves, where CMI immunity is important.” C. Bolin pers comm 2005

Latest New Zealand research shows that vaccinating your calves at a young age is a key first step for field to family protection. Our leptospirosis best practice recommendation aligns with industry best practice.

Zoetis Field to Family Best Practice Recommendation – calves need to be vaccinated 10 weeks from the planned start of calving.

  • PSC - Planned Start of Calving
  • Assumes a 6 week calving spread*
  • Option: Vaccinate in batches if the calving spread is logn.

Vacination calendar

Leptoshield, Leptoshield 3 and Ultravac 7 in 1 vaccines offer immunity against Leptospirosis for at least 12 months, have a 30 day broached vial shelf life and ability to vaccinate from 4 weeks.

'Approximately 100% of New Zealand sheep and beef farms are shown to have been infected by Leptospirosis'

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Ultravac 7in1

For use in Cattle and sheep

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For use in: Cattle, Sheep, Goats, Deer

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Leptoshield 3

For use in: Cattle

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